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Long Term Goals and Objectives

Based on our philosophy the centre has set down long term goals for the children, staff and parents of Mary Street Childcare Centre and Preschool. The following objectives below help us to achieve these goals.

Goals for the Centre

  1. To care for children in a emotionally secure environment, in a physically safe environment ensuring their developmental needs are met.
  2. To encourage parent involvement in their child’s development and education.
  3. For all staff to work in a professional manner that provides an appropriate program and responds to and respects to individual child rearing practices.
  4. For both parents and members’ of staff to be aware that the programs we provide reflect the centre’s philosophy and goals.

The Objectives are

  1. For each child to be seen as a unique individual with a right to self expression and a safe and secure environment.
  2. To encourage children to take an active role in their development and learning
  3. To realise the potential of the whole child
  4. To emphasise the important part parents play in their child’s development and education.
  5. To provide a program that emphasises that all children have an equal opportunity to access equipment and activities, regardless of gender, ethnic background, disability and/or other personal/ physical/Social characteristics.
  6. For the children to have a stimulating program experience that responds to their needs and instincts.
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